Tuesday, September 22, 2015


As the nights begin to draw in and Autumn is upon us, the lack of sunshine and the abundance of rain makes it difficult for any of us to catch a tan. In the recent months, I've suddenly become obsessed with keeping a tan and saying goodbye to my pale ways. Over the years I've tried near enough every fake tan on the market - which hasn't always gone to plan; leaving me patchy, orange, green, smelling like a packet of digestive biscuits or simply left me looking the same.

I began using Loving Tan's Deluxe Bronzing Mousse a few months ago and since I haven't looked back. I'm on my third bottle and still have another two bottles in my vanity. The mousse is available in three different shades - medium, dark and ultra dark - I personally use Dark. Medium is for girls who are relatively fair and wish to have a natural looking tan, Dark is for light-medium tones and for those wanting a darker tan and Ultra Dark is for naturally darker tones who are wanting a rich tan. Loving Tan's tanning mousses are all made with natural ingredients and include an Aloe Vera base which hydrates the skin to stop it from clinging to your drier areas (elbows, ankles). And, my favourite thing about ALL the Loving Tan products, they are paraben and alcohol free. Yay for no nasties.

So, this product is a mousse (obviously) with a built-in guide colour to make your life easier when applying. It is best applied with Loving Tan's tanning mitt (you can use the code: GEORGIA to get yourself a free one) after shaving and exfoliating. The tanning mousse has a very sweet smell to it, almost chocolate-like, so there's not much DHA fragrance to it straight away. The next morning, there is some DHA fragrance, like you find with every tan, but nothing too strong, which is always a bonus! The product takes around 8 hours to develop to its darkest, however, if you don't have this much time Loving Tan have a 2hr Express Tanning Mousse available too. Hello, spontaneous nights out!

Any cons? I would strongly recommend covering your floor whilst applying this tan (standing on a towel, etc) due to the consistency of this product. Even though the tan is a mousse, it can be slightly more watery than usual, so if you're clumsy like me (and have a cream carpet - eek) it can sometimes drip and cause a few dilemmas. Trust me when I say, it doesn't come out of cream carpets.

With Loving Tan being an Australian brand, worldwide shipping is required. Loving Tan now offer free worldwide shipping with orders over $50! Easy peasy.

What are your favourite self-tans? Any tanning tips?

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