Thursday, February 04, 2016


As the majority of you know, Instagram is my thing. It has been my main platform since 2013. Instagram just worked for me, it was easy and casual. I liked taking pictures, I liked editing, I liked the connection you could get from people all over the world. So, how is it done?

// Take advantage of hashtags:
I'm not the biggest fan of adding hashtags in your picture description but if you're after being noticed hashtags are your #1 best friend. I personally like to add hashtags in bulk in a comment below, that way they're all together and they're hidden as soon as people start commenting. So, what should you hashtag? Well ask yourself, what is on your picture? If it's make-up, hashtag the companies. If it's food, hashtag what type. If it's a location, hashtag where you are. Don't overkill it. Don't be that person #who #hashtags #every #single #word. No one is searching for the hashtag '#the'. If the word is meaningless don't hashtag it - it will not help you.

// Take advantage of '@':
Companies will repost/regram pictures of users using their products. Got a new watch? Tag the company in the description. If they like your picture, they may very well regram you sharing your profile with their larger audience.

// Tag people in your pictures:
In the same sense of the previous point, if you're wearing an outfit that you want to show off why not tag the clothing/accessory companies in your picture. Once again, they may repost you showing your picture to a larger audience.

// Comment and share the love:
How are you ever expected to be noticed if you are a "ghost". Ghost followers are accounts that follow people but have no interaction with any other accounts. Like your peers' pictures, leave them a comment. Not only is nice but it's essentially sharing your profile to a bigger audience and more potential followers.

// Make your Instagram inviting:
Personally I hate an Instagram that has multiple filters and a mix of cropped and non-cropped pictures. Keep it consistent. Keep it bright. Keep it clean. Choose one or two of your favourite filters and stick to them, my personal favourite is Valencia.

// Editting pictures:
One thing which makes your life easier is taking a picture in natural daylight, usually you don't need to edit as much in these conditions because everything is brighter/sharper. But, I live in England and we barely have nice weather so.. I need that extra help. Instagram has expanded its editing choices in the past few months making it quite easy to edit your pictures on the app without having to download externally. However, that being said, a few of my favourite editting apps are Aviary, Relook and PhotoCollage.

Regardless of what I've just said, Instagram at the end of the day is a social media platform and isn't a competition. If you're happy only have a small group of followers then that is perfect, but for those looking to expand their social following these are my main tips. What are your favourite Instagram tips and tricks? Or do you have any apps that need to be shared?
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  1. Being a perfectionist, I constantly aspire to have a perfectly themed Instagram grid but I can't seem to do it! However, I'm determined to make 2016 the year I finally master it :D I absolutely love your Instagram, one of my favourites to follow - your makeup looks are so inspiring and beautiful! :)

    Lisa x

  2. Love this post, but I'm exactly the same as the above comment. Its so hard to stick to a theme, all I want is a bright, light, deep contrast and mainly white theme to my instagram (typical blogger I know, I know) but you tips and you Instagram is amazing and I hope you stick to it because I love your pictures on my feed!

  3. Love your instagram! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

    X Emma |

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